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Sports betting may date back more than two centuries. The truth is that the 21st century has probably been the main witness to the great explosion of this phenomenon. Of course, the remarkable growth and expansion of the Internet is a key factor in the progress and evolution of sports betting, which is part of a system that has an ever-increasing number of followers.

Our site offers you a guide explaining the basics of betting, both for beginners and experienced users, in the content developed below.

The first steps

To start betting, of course, you need to register with a betting site. Registration is not only about filling in the data and making a deposit, it is also about checking and choosing the method that best suits the characteristics of the bettor. This will reveal the rules of each operator, payment and redemption options, responsible gaming issues and other aspects.

Beyond your passion for football, this guide will try to advise you on how to bet on many other sports. Some also popular such as tennis, basketball, horse racing and cricket and niche sports such as billiards, darts and golf, among others.

Betting school

Its name says it all. This project aims to teach, educate and explain all the issues surrounding sports betting, directly and indirectly. The idea is to go from the bottom up, starting with basic issues such as the concept of ‘sports betting’, the odds and the offers that companies make to welcome new users.

We will then go on to analyse the different types of sports betting, highlighting the most popular sport in the world today: football. In this sense, the dedicated types of bets (live, handicap, antepost and so on). In parallel, these systems will be supported by strategies, tips and examples carefully chosen to facilitate the reader’s understanding.

The way to victory

Winning in sports betting is not an easy task. Each player has his own ideology; his own strategies, systems and tactics, which vary according to circumstances. In this respect, it is essential to learn how to participate in betting and to delve into the various schemes and methods involved.

An important point concerns the analysis of the amount of money you want to obtain with the bet. The study of statistics and research in general is essential to increase the chances of success.

Similarly, just as you can win, you can lose. It seems obvious and logical, but if you know how to lose, it cannot trigger an even bigger problem than the defeat itself. This should be clear, so here are some tips to avoid mistakes and tactics that help you cope with a losing streak.

Winning is a matter of study and lucidity

Beginners and experts alike must take into account the fact that the bookies always have the upper hand. Faced with such an advantage, it is crucial not to give them more advantage through avoidable mistakes. This guide will try to help you in precisely these respects: the player gains the upper hand through useful tips and consistent information.

This section contains the most important knowledge for entering the world of sports betting and understanding the various ways of solving problems related to it.

What are advices to succeed and win your bets?

Nowadays, the notion of ‘sports betting’ is sufficiently well established that most people have at least some idea of what it means. The phenomenon originated in the United Kingdom, started with horse racing and has now been successfully applied all over the world, although regulatory issues vary from country to country.

In essence, a sports bet is making a prediction of a future event. This involves risking a certain amount of money for the chosen outcome.

When can you win?

If the title of this section were a question, the answer would be “always”. Although this sounds optimistic, it is much more realistic than optimistic. Of course, a large number of factors usually come into play. There are a number of measures that can be taken to increase the chances of success and they basically involve studying the chosen event, learning as much as possible and also honing one’s intuition. Although this may not succeed, intuition is often right, even when you do not have a clear view on the subject.

You should know that beating the bookmaker requires a lot of hard work, which requires patience, order, intelligence and insight. These are very powerful companies around the world that have databases, advanced technologies and professional hierarchy that are constantly updated. With such tools, it is very difficult for them to miss any details.

How bookmakers earn money?

When the year-end balance sheet is drawn up, we find that all bookmakers earn millions in profits. Random bettors, who are ultimately part of the majority, are the big profit engine for the operators. Winning with sports betting involves knowledge of money management, different ways of betting and the ability to analyse which random bettors do not have.

Inevitably, the latter lead to good results for bookmakers, who take advantage of certain disabilities of users to control adverse situations. In a crisis, the worst an obsessed gambler can do is to try to recover losses quickly. In the short or long term, this leads to worse situations.

The odds do the rest. Even in cases where this is more equal and can be balanced, particularly where there are only two options to bet on (basketball or tennis, for example), bookmakers still have a profit margin, which in the worst case is between 0.05 and 0.20. Furthermore, the amounts at stake are provided by specialists who, from this, shape the odds. In any case, surprises are often financed by those who bet on the favourite and vice versa.

Bet on your sport

Although it is possible to bet on many sports, the ideal is always to bet on the most familiar ones. Random betting is a terrible and frequent mistake made by many beginners. At least in the beginning, you should choose at most two or three sports and concentrate on them. And in the long run, it may be better to specialise in one.

Football is undoubtedly the most popular sport in almost every country. It is also the one that generates the most money. Of course, this does not mean that it is the most profitable. Among the most popular are tennis and basketball. The fundamental difference between the first and the other two is the amount of options on the bet. Three, in the case of football. Two, in the case of tennis and basketball.

The fact that there is always a winner increases the chances of winning. Of course fans devote their time to the game they love, but you have to be as objective as possible. In both cases, profit from changes in the odds can also be a determining factor for the results.

Bookmakers: betting centres and online sites

It is undeniable that, in recent times, online bookmakers have gained a lot of ground. However, the two variants have their advantages and companies are constantly looking for reasons to continue to present the two solutions. The web has the advantage of variety, convenience (betting from anywhere and at any time) and the possibility of betting well in advance of the event. Meanwhile, the advantages of betting centres are that of anonymity (no registration required) and direct personal advice from the centre’s operators.

In both cases, the player has access to a high level of information concerning a future event, although it must be admitted that more data can always be obtained via the Internet. Today, betting terminals can be found in shops that are technologically advanced and can provide an absolutely solid service. These places are suitable for those bettors who favour a friendly environment when placing their bets.


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